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Just for Kicks

One story that makes me laugh whenever I think about it was the time that my dear friend Minty and I went up to the West End for the day on one of our regular Saturday jaunts – unfortunately  it’s more irregular now because of austerity and all that. We did our usual route of that time and had a mooch around Covent Garden.

In one of the little shoe shops alongside the market they had leather moroccan style bean-filled seats for customers to sit on. Minty said that she had always wanted one … I’m laughing again! … so I booted the thing straight out of the door (heavier than anticipated), where Minty caught it like a 1960s leather football and off we went, laughing down the street.

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Just Because

I had a lovely day today. The sun was out and it wasn’t too cold. My friend Minty and I took ourselves off for a walk through Hampstead, down to Belsize Park. On the way we passed a sausage stand and we had a sausage in a roll, which at the time was fairly delicious but left us feeling rather parched. Needing some water before we had a coffee we popped into a supermarket, got a small bottle of water each, drank them and then left them in the fridge and exited the shop. When we got outside we fell about laughing at what we would say if we were caught, ‘Sorry, we just needed a drink of water. Isn’t that okay?’ After a long detour through Hampstead Heath, only to come out about ten yards from where we went in, we trudged back to the car. Our next stop was a popular hardware shop; people milling about aimlessly,  no staff and long queues at the till. I pinched one curtain ring  (because I only needed one) and after being dicked about for a good half hour, Minty left holding a plastic crate. Ridiculous behaviour but it just makes us laugh. It reminded me of the other day when my friend Moo and I were in a popular budget store, where much to her horror I opened up several bags of sweets just to see if I liked them (which I did not). ‘It’s try before you buy’, I explained but if that were not the case and some opposition came our way, that I would pretend to be foreign and she could pretend to be deaf.



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