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Caring McGee

When we go to the shops, Ms Pietersons becomes McGee – McGee is a seeing/hearing dog in training and she is ever so kind, she helps the aged and sick children and she has permission to go wherever she likes.

 A couple of weeks ago Maureen suggested that we take her into Waitrose and so we popped her in the trolley, trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to cover her with my coat.

The first manager we encountered, laughed and turned a blind eye, as did the rest of the staff and managers in the store that day.

However, there was one small blip when she barked and snapped at a child and Ms Pieterson’s disguise was blown.

‘Oh dear, McGee.




Loose Ends

There are a couple of loose ends that I need to tie up:-

New Coat Gone (28/10/13)

After doing myself out of my new coat all together and finding it to be irreplaceable, I went into Waitrose on Saturday morning to find Mr Beaver and as he was not there, I left him a rather long note explaining that I would need the coat back so I could get it repaired. I was telling lovely Lurky all about my plight, when she suggested I look for the coat on ASOS – and there it was, so I ordered it and it arrived today! I did receive a text from Mr Beaver, saying that of course I could have my coat back and to pop in and collect it. So I think that saga is now over and he can keep that one – funnily enough, this whole thing has saved me money, as I have definitely been keeping a low profile in Waitrose for the last week or so.

Royal Jelly (16/05/13)

A Sting in the Tail

This has been bugging me that the end of the story was not told. In brief, I met a woman who sold Royal Jelly. I passed up the ‘opportunity’ to work with her and passed her on to a friend who was looking for work. At the end of my post in May I said that ‘everyone was happy’  but unfortunately that was not the case at all! My friend took on the role of PA to this old lady and she lasted one week. The old woman was relentless in her demands at all times of the day and night and then quibbled over hours and pay. It turned out that this old woman was living in sheltered accommodation and was raking in £10,000 a month from one advert in a men’s magazine, claiming that Royal Jelly can cure baldness, the potion she was selling for £200 a pop in fact cost her only £20 and she pays no tax to boot.

New Coat Gone

I ran in to Waitrose yesterday morning literally to buy a packet of bacon and two rolls. As the store was so busy, I started by running down to the far end to grab my rolls and then scooted up the back aisle to the bacon. As I hurriedly skirted my way through the vegetables, aiming for the tills and exit, my new coat got caught on a fucking pole that was sticking out of the ground near the apples and as I stepped, the coat went rip.

My lovely Waitrose has become really common; it used to be such a quiet supermarket but they’ve re-branded themselves and they’ve gone right downmarket! – as it happens, this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I got caught on a pole, as there was no-one anywhere near me; it was simply due to the fact that I’d just got out of bed, smoked a big fat spliff and was wearing my sunglasses indoors.

The manager happened to be there and I told him my story of woe. He said he’d call me tomorrow and off I went. However, he did not call me and I went in to see him this afternoon. I took the coat, with the receipt and he gave me the money for it. Off I went to River Island up the road but they were out of stock, I shot over to Brent Cross and they too were out of stock, in fact it is just totally out of stock even online! I rang Mr Beaver at Waitrose and told him that he may have to hang on to the coat as it is no longer available and it looks like I will probably end up having to buy it back off him!?  Strange deal that, I seem to have lost my coat in the bargain! Bollocks.



Milk Pan

 In Waitrose yesterday afternoon, Maueeen and I were getting more than a touch excited in the saucepan aisle – silicone, it would appear, is the buzz word in homeware these days; sensual to the touch, if you know what I mean?

Sitting on the shelf above the ‘£7, reduced from £11.49’ label were some milk pans – the ones with the lip for ease of pouring.  As we handled the pans, I returned mine to the shelf because at the back of my mind I recalled having one already.

Maureen bought and paid for hers and on returning home and idly checking the the receipt, realised that they had charged her full price. So went back back.

 Maureen went through the whole rigmarole of showing the girl mislabelling on the shelf but the girl said it was for a pan which they’d sold out of and it was indeed full price, so on principle she got a refund.

 When we got home, Maureen said, ‘I really wanted that fucking milk pan!’ So we went back.

 We went to the offending shelf and re-arranged all the milk pans so they were directly in line with the label. We took one each and went to pay. Of course, the till said they were full price, so we caused a big stink. The manager was called and Maureen walked him over to the shelf, so he could see for himself the injustice.

 After a couple of minutes I saw Maureen’s face come beaming around the corner, with the manager appearing seconds later to reduce the price of the two milk pans down to £7 (as advertised).

We were really quite delighted, although when I got home and looked in the cupboard, I found I actually have three already …

 … still, this one’s got a nice silicone handle.

Some like it hot

Carrot Cupcakes

Son has been doing ‘cooking’ at school and today he was all set to make carrot cupcakes. Being a kind and loving mother, I diligently collected the ingredients, going to Waitrose on two separate occasions to get butter firstly and self-raising flour secondly, the carrot (grated), egg, cinnamon, sugar I had at home. I am measurement phobic but I confidently weighed it all out and popped it into the required tupperware container, along with cases for the cakes and even a ‘clean tea towel’. When Son arrived home this afternoon I was looking forward to tasting his wares but was disappointed – not as disappointed as he was! – as all the measurements were wrong; hardly any flour, way too much sugar and carrot and an unquantifable sliver of butter. Confronted by two confused faces in askance  (one quite flushed), I shrugged my shoulders, ‘I guess I must have been stoned?’ – although measurements and weighing have never really been my thing – I once signed up for an ‘interior design’ course;  lesson one was to paint a colour wheel, which I did, lesson two was something to do with using a tape measure and that was the end of that.




I love bacon and what a week! I have eaten bacon every day. I had organic bacon (from Waitrose) in sesame seed rolls for lunch on Monday with Maureen. I had organic bacon (same source) for lunch by myself on Tuesday – it must be noted that organic bacon is WAY superior to any other that I have tasted; it is simply divine. On Wednesday I went to the cafe with LP (always a pleasure) and I had a toasted bacon sandwich (and a lovely hot cup of tea – they warm up the mugs with steam, so your tea stays hot until you’ve had your last bite – mind you, they have made the cups smaller recently and sometimes we need  two). On Thursday I had a toasted bacon sandwich in a Whetstone cafe with my friend Vivian – this was the most disappointing sandwich of the week; we asked for a ‘toasted bacon sandwich, white bread, no fat’, interpreted as ’empty, cold and soggy’. This morning I went to my usual cafe with Moo and we had a bacon sandwich, no fat; lovely and warm and full of bacon. Bacon makes me thirsty but it also makes me very happy. No comments please, TC!


Egg Mayo

Me and the kids have been bang into egg mayo from Waitrose. However, it contains rapeseed oil, which apparently isn’t that great for you and certainly not to be eaten with great regularity. Darjeeling’s dear friend OC keeps chickens in his back garden and kindly gave me some eggs – he has a chicken with a ‘loose fanny’, whose eggs come out with wrinkled shells (nice!). This afternoon I decided to make some egg mayo, so I put six eggs on to boil and then completely forgot about them until I heard cracking shells under the heat of a pan with no water in it. I was in time to save the  pan and save the eggs-ish. Once they had cooled down, I mashed them with the potato masher and scrapped  the last of the mayonnaise out of the jar and tasted. Dubious. I added a bit of pepper and on adding the salt, half the pot (well, not quite) poured in to the mix. Had a taste. Poured contents of the bowl down the waste disposal and washed up. I prefer Waitrose.



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